The Meta Project

Meta is an exploration into integrating system metadata and documentation for "eclectic systems" (e.g., *BSD, Linux, Unix). Although it leverages many existing efforts, Meta's goals go substantially further than the current state of the art.

In order to provide a proof of concept (i.e., "reality check", "plausible promise") for Meta, I have created a "demonstration subset" for the project. Despite its limited objectives, the Meta Demo (aka FreeBSD Browser) is already proving to be a useful resource. Visit the demo's Help and Info pages for more information.

The Meta Project's Wiki is the center of activity for the Meta Project. Go there for current status information, arguments and discussions, implementation details, and pointers to assorted resources. Wiki webs, in case you are wondering, are collaboratively-editable sets of web pages. They provide a facile and flexible way to collect ideas into a cohesive document.

Aside from the Wiki, Meta has few published documents. Here are a couple...

I discussed some Meta-related topics in "Silicon Carny", a monthly column published in SunWorld Online (later known as UnixInsider):

Rich Morin,
Canta Forda Computer Lab.